Bangin’ Tunes

By Alessandra Kelly 

As summer draws near, our songs need to change along with the weather. Firstly, summer music often thrives off the hype of repetitive beats and boisterous noise. Therefore, some music from Childish Gambino remains a must. To name a few great songs, “Bonfire,” “Les,” “3005,” all fulfill the objective of loud, lively music. In fact, to accompany these songs, we must include one of the greatest artists of all time: Frank Ocean. “Lost,” “Super Rich,” “Novacane”—all provide the repetitive beats needed to bop your head up and down during summer. For the slow vibe of summer, only SZA could create such a relaxing atmosphere to simply chill. “The Weekend,” a pristine piece of sound, explicitly illustrates the slow side to side sway of a restful summer. In addition to these exquisite artists, the playlist includes the likes of Jaden, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler, The Creator. Ultimately, summer wouldn’t be quite the same without this playlist.