The Show That Made Our Hearts Stop!

By Lily Matt  

Netflix has done it again! Based on a graphic novel of the same name, Alice Oseman’s Heartstopper is a rare treat. The show follows Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, two teenage boys navigating high school, friendships, and sexuality. Set in the UK, the show has vibes reminiscent of Netflix’s Sex Education with a much more innocent and lighthearted tone. However, don’t let this review fool you: this series addresses topics like OCD and eating disorders in a much more nuanced tone than I have yet to see in any other young adult media. It also boasts a load of diversity with gay, bi, trans, and possibly asexual characters. Heartstopper is a truly superb show, only elevating the novels (which is very rare for book to movie adaptations). The characters were also cast phenomenally, the actors truly embodying their likenesses. It was really refreshing to see teenagers play teenagers. Joe Locke, who plays Charlie, and Kit Connor, who plays Nick, are both 18 years old and the rest of the cast is anywhere from 19-23 years old. You will definitely fall in love with the cast as individuals as well. The group interviews are hilarious and their individual presences on both Tik Tok and Instagram are a must follow. I also highly recommend reading the graphic novels before (or after) watching the series. There are currently 4 novels released, with the 5th primed for release in February of 2023. Overall this show is a solid 9.5/10, garnering a 0.5 point deduction for how much the series as a whole has taken over my life. If you end up enjoying the show and/or the novels, Alice Oseman has many other books that are definitely worth your time. The novels can be found on Webtoons, Kindle, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble.