My Summer Bummer

By Lindsay Der

Stress-free vacations, bathing-suit tan lines, long days of sun—summer has always been something to look forward to. Children across the nation fervently await their summer breaks, watching enviously as their peers from different schools are released a few weeks early, then relishing their extra weeks of summer at the end when those same schools start their year earlier. Even those unlucky adults whose days of summer break are long gone can appreciate the warmer temperatures and overall feeling of enjoyment that accompanies the beloved season. 

My past three summers have been unforgettable, despite two of those being restricted by the guidelines of COVID; I’ve learned a lot from those summers. Over the summer, I learned the importance of sunscreen, as I tenderly apply aloe to my scorching burns. I learned the best ways to waste time, as my friends go on vacations and leave me behind. I learned that a masked day at the beach is better than no day at the beach, as COVID guidelines restricted our every move. I learned who my real friends are and who my “school” friends are, as I gradually lose touch with people I was close with over the school year. 

This summer, however, will be the most instructional yet. Highly awaited yet dreaded, summer has been pressing on my mind for the entire year. While I know that these next few months will be some of the best of my life, I also remain unfortunately aware that they are also the last months of my childhood. As I ponder my summer, I fill with excitement at the thought of the sunny days in Cabo and Spain while simultaneously filling with dread at the thought of every last that August will inevitably bring. My feelings about summer are complicated, to say the least—a microcosm of my feelings regarding college.