Beaches Rated 

By Sophia Christensen

  1. Lighthouse Beach (Dan Beach): Coming in at number one, we got the infamous dog beach, West Cliff Beach. The parking is a little difficult to find but it’s free so no complaints here if I just have to loop around a couple times to find a parking spot. The beach is also the perfect secluded area to hangout at and it’s easy to get down to. Also, bonus points: there’s a nice bathroom and delicious mexican restaurant only a 5-10 minute walk away. It’s also near a cute neighborhood that’s close to the boardwalk and downtown.
  2. Beercan Beach: Next up, bonfire beach. The parking is gorgeous–free and always available. The beach is notorious for bonfires as it’s very open and secluded from any busy streets. My only couple complaints would have to be the amount of stairs to walk up and down–it’s a workout–, and also, the closest bathroom is a potter potty 1 mile away. So unless your Senior Hailey Abdilla who, “makes the world [her] bathroom,” you’re going to have to hold it or give the ocean a try. 
  3. Twin Lakes: The ASBeach! Although you have to pay for parking, it’s always available and only ends up being $3 max for the day. The beach itself is perfect all around, and there’s even volleyball nets and a place where you can rent volleyballs–I highly recommend playing with friends there. Along the beach there is also a Mexican restaurant–take out and sit down! And a smoothie/cafe place that’s super yummy and perfect for the beach vibe.
  4. Capitola Beach: Colorful houses Capitola! The beach is gorgeous, the shops are adorable, the ice cream shops are delicious, there are many different options for food, Mr. Toots is such a relaxing cafe with a gorgeous view, the painted houses are a cute touch, overall vibe 10/10…so why isn’t it number one you might ask? Well…the parking is either too expensive or nonexistent–you really have to get lucky to find a spot, and by the beach itself, it’s always packed. It’s an ideal beach but it’s everyone’s ideal beach so it doesn’t really work out unfortunately. 
  5. Shark Fin: The parking is on rocks/dirt and it kind of has a farmland vibe. There’s a little hike to get down to the beach that I didn’t love, it was very small, kind of dirty. It’s a cove, so it’s always very windy and kind of cold, thus, the waves are absolutely crazy, and the sand isn’t as warm or soft. Not my favorite. It’d be absolutely perfect for a hike, not as a beach though. 
  6. Davenport Beach: I don’t even know how to get down nor do I think I will ever try. Also, Hailey Abdilla got chased by a random man on the train tracks near it. 
  7. Bonus–Baskin Robbins: 10/10 Go get ice cream!