Remarkable Ryan

By Hailey Abdilla

A four-year varsity standout, senior Ryan Elez is a stud on the incredibly successful boys tennis team. Starting at a young age, Ryan has been honing his tennis craft for the past eleven years. In fact, Ryan’s favorite part about tennis is the fact that “I can pick and choose how I want to play, what shots I want to hit, and where I want to hit them.” Ryan’s hard work and dedication to his sport does not go unnoticed, as his fellow tennis teammate Krish Mathur exclaims “Ryan has always been the player who has shown the most energy and spirit every season, he’s the heart of the team!” Thanks to Ryan’s relentless dedication, he was able to win the BVAL tournament in doubles this season, an impressive achievement for his already imposing resume. Ryan plans on continuing his tennis career by competing in tournaments in order to boost his stellar national ranking. A hard-working athlete, Ryan has proved vital to his team’s success and is not only a morale boost, but a talented athlete and a favorite to watch. Ryan’s impeccable work ethic is evidenced through his advice for other athletes, “stay motivated and be disciplined because if you have those two things, hard work and dedication will follow if you love the sport that you play.” Good luck to Ryan and the rest of the boys tennis team as they finish out their already successful season!