Read Your Worries Away

By Cat Kemp

Do you like to procrastinate? If that’s the case, you might like to try reading. There is simply no way to be unproductive when you are reading, for how could something so educational be considered procrastination? Even if you have homework due in an hour, reading is a perfect way to avoid your homework because you are still being productive.

Not to mention, the fantastical worlds beautifully crafted within the swirls of dark ink never cease to rope me in. Another benefit to reading—besides the obvious benefit to your overall intelligence—is its ability to rope you into another place far more interesting than real life. Reading creates the most wonderful form of escapism and allows you to not have to worry about anything for a little while. So, not only are you being extremely productive whilst reading, you also don’t even have to worry about anything that may plague your future. Reading is simply the best pastime, I cannot think of a single downside—perhaps if I ignore my lapse in grades.