Post Halloween Blues

By Hailey Abdilla

Candy, costumes, and parties – the perfect combination for a memorable Halloween night. However, the day after halloween is a day for relaxation and recuperation, not a day for school and work. Halloween is a night time holiday, between the sugar highs and the screaming, you’re sure to not get a lot of sleep following your Halloween bash. The day after any holiday is always disappointing, no need to rub it in with a long day of school mixed with overexerted kids. Halloween has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember, but ask anyone what their least favorite part is, they’re bound to say the day after. Trick or treating is a rite of passage for any kid, and the later you’re out the more candy you get. There is absolutely nothing worse than wandering your neighborhood for three hours only to be told that you can’t eat any of your candy and need to go to bed right away because you have school tomorrow. You try coaxing a bag of candy or a candy bar out of an exhausted kid’s hand, trust me you’re going to wish you hadn’t even tried. At the end of the day, halloween is celebrated at night no matter what your age is, between trick or treating, halloween parties, and handing out candy, your night is bound to be filled with everything but sleep. Forcing people to go to school or work the day after such an exhausting night is cruel and unfair and simply ruins the magic of the holiday. Halloween will forever be my favorite holiday, but if post Halloween became one too, it would surely be a close second.