Disaster! Review

By Anjali Nayak and Jupiter Polevoi

Witty humor, glamorous music numbers, and heartfelt moments—Westmont’s production of Disaster! is the embodiment of a comedic jukebox musical. The music numbers—comedic and well executed—display the emotions and tensions between numerous characters. One of our personal favorites was the opening number: a grandiose tribute to Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff which set up the exposition and motives for each of the main characters. Of course, nothing can beat a classic love ballad between Chad (Kaleb Ma) and Marianne (Honoka Mori).

The cast was absolutely fantastic. Scott and part-time zombie Brian King Vallejo perfectly executed awkward and witty dialogue. The twins Seraphina Liu were both funny; the irony of both being played by the same actor served as some of the most humorous aspects of the show. 

The crew for Disaster! also did a wonderful job. The play was directed, not only by Jeff Bengford, but also the wonderful Theodore Twilleager.  But one cannot forget those behind the scenes, as stage manager Emily Landers and assistant stage managers Nupur Kudapkar and Noella Thu did a wonderful job as well. 

Give a round of applause for the cast of Disaster!