Club Focus: Martial Arts

By Collin Murray

One of Westmont’s newer clubs, the Martial Arts club, aims to spread knowledge and wisdom that comes with martial arts training to the students of Westmont “through educational lessons as well as demonstrations, all in a casual setting for [students] to hang out and discuss Martial Arts,” says freshman, club founder, and club president Sarab Matharu. With nearly a decade of experience in mixed martial arts, Sarab started the club with fellow students Sarina Matharu (Vice President), Lakshya Agarwal (Secretary), Adam Hung (Treasurer), and Anish Kokal. According to Sarab, the idea for the club stemmed from a want to share his and his peers’ passion for martial arts with our school, as well as our community. Due to the club’s recent establishment, they have yet to begin practicing techniques; however, those of all skill levels and martial arts backgrounds are welcome to join and have a good time!