Bridgerton Review

By Cat Kemp

Warning: spoilers

Full of beautiful dresses, thrilling romances, and exciting mysteries comes the amazing Netflix series: Bridgerton. Or rather, Bridgerton One. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first season of Bridgerton‘s beautiful scenery and enticing plot, I can not say the same about the newest addition to the series. The show will always have some appeal due to the beautiful set design and costumes, however the storyline has significantly lacked this season. I found myself bored at many points during the first few episodes. The romance was easily predictable, not to mention followed almost the exact same progression as the classic romance of Daphne and The Duke from season one. With some new obstacles (a family fiasco for one) there were some attempts to bring something new, but the romance was the exact same when broken down. Two people want each other but deny it until a huge blowout conversation where they confess their true feelings and live happily ever after. From the first episode I could predict almost everything that was going to ensue between Anthony and Kate (the main characters). There was the addition of  drama with Eloise (the best character on the show) and Penelope, however I found that to be boring and predictable as well. The only good part of this season was Daphne and her child (although -10 points for getting rid of the duke) and maybe the last 30 minutes of the last episode. However there was nothing good enough about this season to let me recommend it to anyone, in fact I would not have kept watching the show had I not enjoyed the first season so much. At the end of the day this show was nothing more than a bad remake of the first season, and not at all worth the eight hours of watchtime.