Ted Cruz, What’s Going On? 

By Alex Gryciuk 

Ted Cruz, also known as Rafael Edward Cruz, is a Republican Senator that has represented Texas since 2013. He has often found himself in controversies. Recently in February of 2021, when Texas was facing extreme electrical shutdowns and a devastating winter storm, the senator left Texas for Cancun. He eventually apologized after both Republicans and Democrats expressed anger with the Senator. 

Another controversy that the politician has found himself in is during the confirmation trials of Ketanji Brown Jackson. Often interrupting, Ted Cruz asked many questions to Ketanji Brown Jackson that were simply outrageous and unprecendly long. What fact checks confirmed as misleading, he asked her to explain her sentencing of child porn offenders as an attempt to scrutinize Jackson’s sentencing record and appearance of being soft on crime. Additionally, Cruz acted the nominee about anti-racism books, critical and Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling without really asking anything beneficial to the hearing. With the intention to spark controversy, his long tangents, outrageous comments, and performance-like behavior at the trails were all a mockery of a productive, collaborative American Government. 

After Ted Cruz’s actions at the trails and many controversies before that, it leaves you wondering, Tom Cruz, what’s going on? Do we need a more capable leader that gets things done, or one thrives off of Republican sensationalism?