Boston Beats Brooklyn

By Barry Hirshfeld

NBA Playoffs. Round one. Game one. Celtics.

Clinching the second seed in the eastern conference, the Boston Celtics possessed vast momentum heading into Sunday’s first round game against the Brooklyn Nets; less than eager to waste their home court advantage, Jason Tatum and the Celtics sent the Nets home at the buzzer.

Pitting MVP (Jayson Tatum and Kevin Durant) and DPOY (Marcus Smart and Ben Simmons) candidates against each other, this series possesses unprecedented entertainment potential. Furthermore, as tensions between Kyrie and Celtics fans rise, a personal sentiment is instilled in their competition.

Game two. Celtics.

Impending a game one loss, the Nets aimed to reverse the tide of the series at home in game two. Comfortably leading into the fourth quarter, the Nets let their guard down and subbed Kyrie out to break his Ramadan-induced fast and replenish his energy… a couple of threes later, Boston came back on top.