I Love Postcards and You Should Too!

By Alex Gryciuk

There’s something wonderful about postcards that usually gets ignored. People overlook the simplicity of a simple piece of cardstock with pretty images or iconic markers which transports people back to their trips. Often, forgetting that they can transform into cheap ways to remember trips, an interesting thing to send in the mail, or a way to support USPS and public parks. 

Postcards can be used as a cheap souvenir for places that you travel to as an alternative to other memorabilia from your vacation trip that are not only expensive, but also tacky. Let’s be honest, the only reason you’re buying that 10 dollar keychain with a huge bear on it is because it says “Tahoe” on it; you wouldn’t buy it in another situation and you won’t use it often. On the other hand, most postcards are about 1 dollar, aren’t super tacky, and usually are nice to look at; unlike other merchandise. Furthermore, you can write about your trip, jot down good memories, or even just scribble the date of your trip on the back of your postcard to remember your travel experience better in the future. Ultimately, postcards are a great alternative to ugly, expensive souvenirs that work even better than other knick-knacks to remember your vacation stay.

Postcards are also a fun thing to send to others in the mail. On the back of your postcard, there’s only room for about 2-5 sentences: the perfect amount of space to write a fun message. You won’t find yourself writing a long paragraph, but there’s room for a joke and something nice to say. Plus, writing on postcards is a great way to spend time in cars or in transit, rather than being on your phone. For a grand total of a 25 cent postage stamp and 1 dollar postcard, you can also do something nice for a friend by providing the thrill of receiving personal mail while also enjoying writing a little message along with sending away a piece of mail. Most hotels and post offices located a short distance from your stay will deliver the postcard in less than a week with the right postage bought from grocery stores or souvenir shops; proving that sending postcards is not only an exciting activity, but an easy way to do something nice for a friend.

Lastly, postcards are a great way to support the USPS and other organizations. Postage stamps and the easy transportation of postcards helps to support the USPS and its 516,000 employees, although it may seem like a small contribution. Additionally, postcards from public parks, National or State parks that serve as popular tourist sites, often donate proceeds toward the upkeep of public parks, protecting natural wildlife, and employing workers. Overall, postcards are a great “feel good” purchase to help protect fellow Americans jobs and give back to the community.

Postcards, though simple, are an incredible alternative to other souvenirs, are fun outlets for acts of kindness, and a great way to give back to the community. Some places to buy postage stamps necessary to send postcards are from local grocery stores, some souvenir shops, and USPS locations. Postcards are usually available in grocery stores, souvenir shops, and gas stations.