Jump, Jump, Jump

By Heder Ambriz

From tycoon’s to impossible obbies to realistic high-end games. Roblox continues to amaze its players, with new abilities and more resources for developers to expand on their games visually and performance-wise. Roblox is a great way to waste your free time…I mean spend. Roblox began back in 2004 but was not published until September 1, 2006. Since then, Roblox has seen significant changes such as the types of games you could play to the way you could customize your avatar. As time went on more players became developers, and a spike in playable games increased. Although Roblox is a platform where imagination and creation are endless, Roblox has an algorithm where creations either flop or become a great hit. For example, at the time of the creation of this article, the top games are anime-related but that wasn’t the case back in 2017 when a popular game called “Jailbreak” was created. A player would get the option to be a cop or a prisoner, and if a cop was chosen, your job was to arrest prisoners who would escape. The more prisoners you arrested the more money you got and this would help you get new cars or be able to upgrade your cars (speed, visuals, suspension…etc). To conclude, Roblox is a place where everyone has a place, be it shooter games, roleplaying, simulators, tycoons, or even impossible obbies.