Club Focus: Bookworms

By Cat Kemp

Bookworms, a new club made during the second semester of the 2022 school year, emphasizes the importance of literature and community. Stated passionately by co-president Anjali Nayak, the Bookworms club is a “safe space to explore and learn about different genres of literature.” Anjali, along with the other co-president Heather Tran, were described by close friend Jupiter Polevoi as “a nerd when it comes to books,” which shines when leading their wonderful club. Thus far, the bookworms have read one book together — a topical book about black history for black history month — however they are open to and looking forward to reading a variety of new books in the future. Members of the club have expressed how the books read in bookworms make them feel comfortable and safe in their own skin, and they were able to openly discuss this in the comfort of the book room’s meetings. The bookworms club allows for people to not only explore and enjoy literature, but also find meaningful connections to the other members of the club, and feel safe and heard. Bookworms is truly an amazing club, and is worth a look into joining next semester!