CMIYGL Pre-tour Expectations

By Madeleine Stiffler and Emma Kidger

On April 2, we shall fulfill the highest musical honor of seeing Tyler, the Creator in concert on his Call Me If You Get Lost tour. While we must anxiously wait until that glorious day arrives, here are expectations and hopes for the concert. 

  1. The Set List
    1. As Tyler has been touring since February, we have already been exposed to the set list which does not disappoint. Not only do his openers have an amazing set list to set up the show, but Tyler’s choice of our personal favorite songs could not have been more spot on. Mixing the old with the new, we look forward to jamming out to our new favorites like “Corso” and “WUSYANAME” and get a blast from the past with songs from his older albums Flower Boy and Goblin.  
  2. Kali Uchis and Vince Staples 
    1. We understand how hard opener’s jobs are to kick off someone else’s concert but boy, are we excited for who Tyler picked for this tour. Kali and Vince have something for everybody, so undoubtedly all in attendance are going to be called to sing and dance their hearts out even before Tyler. 
  3. The Merch 
    1. Unfortunately, we might be spending a lot of time just buying merch because those sweatshirts have our names on them. While this has absolutely nothing to do with the music, we just had to note that if you can’t find us, we are 100% buying merch. Are the egregiously long lines and shoving worth it? Absolutely. 
  4. Tyler… duh! 
    1. While we continue to wait for our concert date, we have enjoyed discovering various videos from the past shows Tyler’s performed which just makes us more excited to experience his musical talents and hilarious sarcasm. The stage decor alongside the music was brilliant throughout and encouraged the audience to get hype and feel immersed no matter where they sit in the stadium. Tyler is an entertainer through and through, meaning he could just stand on a cardboard box and perform and we would be satisfied.