By Isabella Brady

Stargazing, often misconstrued as a superficial passtime, has unfairly garnered a negative reputation. Millions of people walk, whisper, laugh, and camp under the stars, but can you say you have ever seen them? Before I continue, a mere glance does not count, and neither does looking up and exclaiming “wow the stars are simply iridescent tonight!”. The vast majority of people look up at the stars without seeing them, and if so, please reconsider. 

  1. Watch a meteor shower

Whether you watch from your backyard or a picturesque spot, meteor showers are nevertheless breathtaking. Personally, I witnessed a meteor shower from the top of Angel Island and if you’re up for the extra planning (and some hiking), then this is perhaps one of the most memorable things you will ever see. Admittedly, light pollution due to the panoramic perspective of San Francisco and the bay is present, but other than that , there is a perfectly unobscured view of the sky –you will find yourself holding your breath waiting for the next glimmer of a shooting star.

  1. Look up at the sky!

It’s free, and the passtime encapsulates the most relaxing and entrancing meditations available. Set out something to lie on and allow yourself to clear your mind or ponder with the comfort of the night sky. Watching the constellations and dynamics of the stars as time shifts them is a therapeutic way to lose yourself and be calm —it isn’t just for astronomers and hopeless poets, go out and enjoy the beauty! I recommend trying this at home or the mountains where there is much less light pollution. Personally, the high sierras and Henry Coe state park is where I have had the most success –literally laying down and watching the stars for four hours; you don’t have to believe me but the term ‘starstruck’ was derived from somewhere and it wasn’t Ed Sheeran!

  1. Sleep under the stars

No tent. Just take out your sleeping bag and allow the stars to lull you in and out of consciousness. Campsites and backpacking are best for this activity, and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of lugging your tent out.