All Patched Up

By Alessandra Kelly

An elegant work of embellishment on a piece of clothing creating unique fashion—embroidery. Fortunately, one of the many trends entering into the year included embroidery on all types of clothing, allowing personal taste to dictate clothing choice. Embroidery provides complete freedom to add anything to your clothes, including, but not limited to flowers, animals, leaves, and a variety of other options. Most commonly, many individuals use embroidery to create patches for their respective clothes. Embroidery creates character in clothing, and allows for a personal attachment to pieces.

Similarly, crochet follows alongside embroidery, allowing for personal, dainty pieces to enter your own wardrobe. Crochet sweaters and sweater vests remain a favorite in many individuals’ wardrobes, and hopefully, these pieces will continue to last. Ultimately, the personalization available in both remains one of my favorite aspects of clothing to date.