By Hailey Abdilla

Aries: This April, as the Aries season is coming to an end, don’t forget to use your support system. You may find yourself leaning on your friends more than you’re used to. Trust your gut and do your best to suppress any angry outbursts that may drift your way. 

Taurus: Congratulations Taurus! Your season is just beginning. Something tells me you’re going to be rolling in dough this month. Just don’t forget to share it with your friends and resist the urge to spend it all on takeout. 

Gemini: The drama is strong this month, just remember that haters are your motivators! Frenemies may come back to haunt you, so make sure you stand up for yourself. Squash those two-faced rumors and stand your ground once and for all. 

Cancer: This month expect to be in touch with your inner emotions, even more so than usual. You may find yourself feeling more sentimental as the weather begins to change, just do your best not to get too emotional, you don’t want to perpetuate your crybaby stereotype. 

Leo: Ah, the best sign. You’ve got a lot on your mind this month don’t you? Communication is going to be key for you, your relationships are starving for it. Talk with your friends and significant others, trust me you will be welcomed with open arms. But try not to only talk about yourself ok. 

Virgo: As much as you may want to isolate yourself from others this month, don’t do it! You may be a hermit at heart, but this is a month for you to branch out. Meet new people and try new things, the best is yet to come. But don’t be too type A, or you’re never going to find it. 

Libra: This is a month of self-reflection. Focus on yourself and rely on your own abilities more this month. I know you can’t help your flirtatious persona, but bettering your confidence will improve all of your connections. Self-care will be key for you this month. 

Scorpio: How are you really doing? This will be a month of emotional introspection for you. This month calls for difficult conversations and opening up yourself to others for the first time. No matter how you’re feeling, try not to take your anger out on your people. 

Sagittarius: This month, you may want to steer clear of deep conversations, I have a feeling they will do more harm than good. Instead, focus on your mindfulness and gratefulness. Do your best to not be so reckless, it may end up even worse than you think. 

Capricorn: You have been working so hard recently, give yourself a break! Don’t forget that rest and self-care are just as important as the grind. Try to chill on the impulsivity and intensity, give yourself a month to reset, you deserve it! 

Aquarius: Time for you to treat yourself. This is a month for splurging and face masks. Time for you to relax and wind down. Your relationships should all be intact, so stop being so pessimistic, remember the weather is warming up! 

Pisces: Good news is coming your way, get ready! You deserve a break and a relaxing month, get ready to bask in your newfound freedom and enjoy whatever new developments follow. Remember to keep the mood swings at bay, you’re supposed to be relaxing.