Reusing Plastic!

By Olivia Pocat

ByFusion, a new LA startup, turns tons of plastic into building blocks for construction. Their process requires minimal manual labor and uses a machine that shreds and smashes plastic together into the block shapes. Since starting the company in 2017, 103 tons of plastic have been reused and turned into blocks. To fabricate the blocks, the company only uses plastic, not adding any wasteful materials such as glue. This means that if 22 pounds of plastic are used to make the block, the final block will be 22 pounds. This innovative solution helps supply communities and companies with sturdy building materials and cleverly reuses plastic as a building material. Furthermore, these blocks can turn almost every type of plastic into blocks, including fishing nets—the only unusable material is styrofoam. The structures built with these blocks are super sturdy and compare to cement as a building material. This innovative solution to plastic waste is truly a shred of good news!