By Olivia Pocat

A popular staple of the East Coast, Pennsylvania is an awesome state which is home to several popular attractions. In the past, Harrisburg was a bustling product of the Industrial Revolution, but now it features several tourist attractions and a welcoming environment to visit. Every year, the city hosts both the Great American Outdoor Show and the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Because of its role in history, Harrisburg features a Civil War Museum and the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Just East of the city stands Hersheypark, the bustling touristy chocolate factory presented by Hershey®. Although Harrisburg is the state capital, the cities of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia host the states’ popular sport teams and even more popular attractions. The Phillies, Pirates, 76ers, Eagles, Steelers, Flyers, Penguins, and Union are all the major league sport teams in this state. Watching these teams play in their stadiums will always be fun. Philadelphia, the biggest city in Pennsylvania, has played a major part in history. The Liberty Bell and the place of the Founding Fathers Convention are popular tourist attractions with ties to historical events in the United States. UPenn, a reputable Ivy League university, is located in this populous city as well. Pittsburgh, located on the Western side of the state, hosts the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the Carnegie Museum of Art, which are really cool museums which you can visit. Overall, Pennsylvania is a great state!