Outstanding Omri!

By Alex Gryciuk 

Dominating competitors with great skill and agility, Senior Omri Shahar continues his show off incredible athleticism on the court. Starting from sixth grade at Rolling Hills Middle School, Omri has gone on to play for Westmont’s varsity team for three years. Most notable for his attitude during games, Senior Team Captain Joey Papa, explains that Omri’s “Hustle and his ‘bully’ attitude makes him the tough guy on the court.” His amazing skills extend beyond his attitude. Captain Joey Papa emphasizes that even though he thought  “He’s kinda tall,” on the first-day meeting Omri on the Basketball courts, Joey stated that “he turned out to be kinda good.” Furthermore, Omri boasts of completing a “double-double” on the court this season. Truly impressive! 

Certainly, Omri continues to make a great addition to the team in his final year of Basketball at Westmont! So much so that Joey wanted to say, “Omri, it was fun playing with you for 3 years. Good luck wherever you end up.” Make sure to cheer Omri on at the Boy’s Basketball Senior Night on February 11! Let’s go, Omri!