My Way of Loving You

By Lainey Fitch

Do you remember when we would wrestle day and night?
Do you remember how mom would come and make it right?
Do you remember how it was I who always started the disaster?
Do you remember me brimming with delight as we were scolded by mom after?
I know we had our different perspectives on this daily happenstance
You were getting aggravated, I was caught in a trance
I remember the glee I felt,
after getting your attention
I remember how proud I was
to even have been mentioned
I know I was a clingy brat,
but that was the only thing I knew
I could show my never ending love to you.
I know I was a copycat,
but I thought it was obvious that my emulation
was out of respect for you.
Everything you did with friends—
Every time you were alone—
Every waking moment with you—
I wanted to tag along.
I hope by now you know this,
without me needing to say,
but I really truly love you
You gave me a childhood I can never repay.