I Am Your Daughter 

By Aresena Equiliua

Being your daughter means late night movies on the couch with ice cream,
Savoring precious time together with every spoonful,
Being your daughter means patience,
When you voice all the wrongs in me you see,

Being your daughter mean hugging you when responsibility burdens your shoulders,
So you are not lonely in your sleepless nights,
Being your daughter means embracing the absolute youness in me,
The face I see in the mirror shaped by you,

Being your daughter means understanding your well intentions,
Even if I need to learn your wise lessons by experiencing them,
Being your daughter means carefully constructing late night work emails,
So the responsibility is not all on your shoulders,

Being your daughter is frustrating,
Why can’t we see eye to eye all the time?
Being your daughter is sometimes even heartbreaking,
I’m sorry for all the times my actions made you cry,

But being your daughter also means healing,
Our bond is stronger than the anger inside,

Being your daughter means compassion,
Understanding who you are,
Being your daughter is love,
Forgiveness and laughs,

Being your daughter is strength,
An independent woman afraid of nothing,
Being your daughter is embracing vulnerability,
Welcoming each other inside our armor of iron,

I am your daughter,
The person you have molded,
The baby you held,
The woman you raised,

I am your daughter.