Dancing with Death

By D Hamada

In his land of the cold and mangled,
Death dreams of Life –
Strands of gold tangled
In fleshless fingers of demise.

And when he awakes wide-eyed
To sin of eternal winter
And again returns his strife,
Within his heart her warmth still lingers.

Get up, sinner, grab your scythe and

Run, reaper, run
Run through hell every day
Past the damned and the doomed
With a smile on your face.

You’ll get to see her soon
Fall into her embrace.
Because Life has missed her lover
Let all your troubles fade.
You know you belong to one another

So you’d better run, my reaper, run.

Life dances with Death
Their fates like fingers intertwined.
Time passes like a breath
As it is for these moments that they have pined.

A single tear,
As they part.
A million fears.
“Return soon, my heart.”