Cheer update

By Kendall Albrecht

As of February 1, 2022

February brings the climax of the competition cheer team’s season. With nationals approaching and time to practice dwindling, both the Red and Black team put in all their effort in hopes to bring a win back for Westmont. Both teams, Red competing in the UCA division and attending nationals in Flordia and Black competing at USA nationals in Anaheim, have attended many competitions throughout the season. At these competitions, a panel of judges watches a two-and-a-half-minute routine consisting of a dance, a cheer, jumps, tumbling, and most importantly, stunts performed by each participating team. Routines receive points in categories such as difficulty, execution, and showmanship for each section of their performance. Although past competitions put pressure on Westmont cheer athletes, none can compare to Nationals, a two-day competition where the highest scoring 35% of teams continue to finals the next day. February 11-12 Red team competes against schools from all over the country in Orlando, Florida. Meanwhile, the Black team will be packing their bags for their nationals in Anaheim, California the 25 and 26. 

On top of preparing for nationals, Westmont cheer puts together a Stunt team for their first stunt game against Branham on March 9. Stunt is another division of cheer where a four-quarter game is played. The first quarter contains six partner stunt routines, second quarter six pyramids and tosses routines, and third quarter six jumps and tumbling routines. The fourth quarter combines all three. Routines range in difficulty, one being the easiest and six being the hardest. Each competing team has the chance to call a routine they choose and perform it side by side for a judge. The team that executes the routine most successfully gets a point.

Preparing for nationals on top of Stunt practice and basketball sideline keeps Westmont cheer busy and working hard.