California’s New Climate Budget

By Avalon Kelly

Low-income communities have long been disproportionately hurt by the effects of climate change. California’s major droughts have brought high rates of unemployment and limited access to safe water in its low-income agricultural communities.  While urban areas do not directly feel the impact of these droughts, the farming communities of the San Joaquin Valley are devastatingly impacted by the economic insecurity that comes with the difficulties of their livelihood in the midst of a drought.

However, California’s new climate plan looks not only to fight climate change but also to prioritize the needs of low-income communities that have been negatively impacted by climate change.  You can visit this site to see the specifics of the climate action bills.  The main goals include clean car rebates, energy-efficient lighting, and affordable housing.  The state’s new focus on “protecting the hardest-hit communities” demonstrates a step in the right direction for climate activism: we must focus our efforts both on controlling climate change and on providing support for those who most need it.  The future of the fight against climate change looks hopeful: with these efforts implemented, California will create more climate-friendly jobs, more innovative solutions, and more equitable opportunities for resistance to the impacts of global warming.