Birth Control in Illinois 

By Sophia Christensen 

January 1, 2022–the date marking a new law passed in Illinois which provides easier access to birth control. With the country-wide controversy regarding Roe v. Wade, women in Illinois unanimously feel relieved as they are now able to complete screenings from pharmacists with self-administered contraception. The new law allows for birth control pills, vaginal rings, and skin patches to be part of self-administered contraception available to women. Previously only offered with a prescription, this law makes it easier for women to have access to birth control. Easier access offers cheaper alternatives for women on unplanned pregnancies, menstrual plans, osteoporosis, and ovarian cancer. 

Typically, environmental circumstances are a factor that can make access to birth control more difficult. Those far from the specific physicians, like OBGYNs, can live out of reach from contraceptives, whereas pharmacies are much more common. This new law makes safe contraceptives more accessible for those far from specialized healthcare offices. 

Additionally, there is no age restriction regarding this law, making healthcare needs more accessible for women as it does not require parent permission. Overall, the new law in Illinois allows for women to have easier access to medical needs and contraceptives–the options in which they did not have before. Good news!