The Heroes of Westmont

By Lindsay Der

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s the Westmont faculty! Stricken by the toils of a pandemic year and a pay cut conflict all in the span of a few years, Westmont teachers embody the selfless heroes of the citizens of our high school. Though their supervillains are less like the Green Goblin and more like Zoom fatigue, our teachers have displayed more bravery than any of MCU supers. During this month of love and appreciation, be sure to show how thankful you are for your hardworking mentors. In that spirit, I must shout out all my diligent teachers this year: Laura Saldana, Eric Buran, John Shieh, Andrew Evans and Timothy Yang. I could not ask to end my high school career with a finer set of educators. Their ability to continuously adapt to their students’ needs and comforts impresses me every day. So, thank you to my teachers, and thank you to all the teachers on this campus who shape the minds of their ever-grateful pupils.