Dinner For Four

By Sophia Christensen

My ideal dinner would consist of pesto pasta, teriyaki chicken, water, iced coffee, and of course, Stan Lee, Tyler, the Creator, and The Smiths in a penthouse in New York City. 

I would love to go to dinner with Stan Lee because I just gotta know the humorous and exceptional mind behind Marvel. First things first, I would show him the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home with his three beloved spider-men: Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Tobey Macguire. I would also let him know he’s an incredible writer who has influenced millions of people–including my little brother and me (as evidenced by the question, “did he write the comics?” from Senior Hailey Abdilla).

My number one artist, Tyler, the Creator, would sit in between Stan Lee and I. I would listen to some live music (before April 2, 2022, wink wink), try to understand his inspiration for lyrics and overall production, and last but not least–get free merch. I’m talkin’; Le Fleur GOLF shoes, Odd Future sweatpants, GOLF sweatshirts, socks, etc. 

Sitting to the left of me would be The Smiths. I would simply let them know how absolutely amazingly talented they are, and how they have influenced me so much so that I talk about them a little too much to my friends (but in turn, I put them on some banger music and they always come running back to thank me). They could share their talent with me by teaching me their ways of music, such as Johnny Marr teaching me how to rock on the guitar! I would also love to talk modern politics with Morressey because he’s proven how he’s not afraid to speak his mind considering he thinks, “if popular singers don’t say these things, who does?” which is SO FACTS. Quite frankly, I would also love to practice my British accent with them in exchange to soak in the presence of their charming accents. 

And that concludes the most incredible and interesting, yet delicious dinner of my life.