Dinner For Four

By Hailey Abdilla

My ideal dinner for four begins in New York City, sitting on a spacious fire escape overlooking the bustling streets. People watching on a cool summer night in NYC couldn’t be more perfect unless I had the perfect dinner dates. The world is filled with interesting people and unfortunately, I will never have the chance to meet all of them. However, if I could have my ideal dinner party and a sit-down conversation with three people, here’s who they would be:

First off, Matthew Gray Gubler. MGG is an actor best known for his role as Spencer Reid in “Criminal Minds” (my favorite show of all time). Not only is he my ultimate celebrity crush, but he’s, in my opinion, one of the most interesting celebrities out there. He’s charismatic and funny and he has written a book called Rumple Buttercup, all these things add up to a lot to talk about. I also am in love with the design of his house and would love to pick his brain regarding his interior design ideas. At the end of the day, he is my dream man and nothing in the world would make me happier than a delicious pasta dinner with Matthew Gray Gubler. 

The next person I would resurrect and invite to my pasta dinner would be Sigmund Freud. Some may be surprised by this unusual decision, but I have so much to discuss with this psychologist. To start with, I would have to show him Tik Tok because there is a shocking amount of evidence there to support his Oedipus complex theory. I would also be enchanted to listen to his ideas about how social media is affecting adolescence and development. Psychology and how the brain works is a fascinating subject to me and Freud is a pioneer in the matte, I would greatly enjoy discussing psychology with one of the best. Furthermore, I have incredibly vivid dreams that I often remember, and Freud was known for analyzing dreams. I could spend hours discussing and dissecting my dreams with Freud and the intellectual conversations we could have would make for quite a memorable dinner. 

The final person I would have as a guest at my dinner would be Alexander Hamilton. Number one, I have to show him the incredible Broadway musical about his life, I think his mind would be blown. I hope he likes to sing because I would be singing at him the entire dinner. Also, I need more information about the Reynolds Pamphlets and I’m really eager to see his reaction to the song. Furthermore, I respect Hamilton a great deal as a politician and I am beyond curious to hear his opinion about the American government today. We could spend hours discussing his ideas for how to address different issues from gun violence to systemic racism. I also want to know how accurately Lin Manuel Miranda portrayed his life and the birth of America in the Broadway show. I’m a huge history buff and I could question Hamilton relentlessly about George Washington, the American Revolution, the Schuyler sisters, and Aaron Burr. Overall, I think my pasta dinner would be a huge success and definitely the most intellectually stimulating, and overall interesting couple of hours of my life.