One Year Since January 6

By Anjali Nayak 

The pro-Trump riot on the Capitol risked the stability of democracy in the United States, horrifically attempting to halt the transfer of power to President Joe Biden. Although lasting about seven hours, the impact continues to reverberate. In Washington, political battles stemming from the riot have deepened the already – stark partisan divisions on Capitol Hill. 

One year later, little has been resolved–and some fights are just getting started. 

The Department of Justice has charged hundreds of rioters and is still looking for hundreds of others suspected of assaulting police officers during the riot. Attorney General Merrick Garland has vowed to take “as long as it takes and whatever it takes for justice to be done.” US Capitol Rioters charged with assaulting police officers will get 44 months of prison. 

The most notorious citizen to be arrested for the events is Steward Rhodes, the founder and leader of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group. Federal investigators have started to question Rhodes as to whether there are possible links between the Capitol rioters and Donald Trump’s personal circle. 

Along with Steward Rhodes, the FBI has arrested and charged more than 700 people involved in the riot as well as the House committee continuing to investigate Trump’s role in promoting false claims the election was stolen and his attempts to block Joe Biden from becoming president.