Canada Conversion Therapy Ban

By Cuinn Huber 

Third time’s the charm! Finally, after several attempts, the Canadian government has banned the abusive and ineffective practice of conversion therapy in its queer communities. The law took effect on January 7, 2022, now no LGBTQ individual can be electrically shocked, beaten, or be forced into religious counseling because they just so happen to be queer. Canada Joins a select few nations including Germany and Brazil that have also banned the practice. The Bill was able to pass unanimously in both chambers of the Canadian parliament, the equivalent to the United States Congress. This is a huge victory for the LGBTQ community in Canada that has fought for decades to get this ban into effect. Amid Paley, the CEO of the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for queer youth said in a statement that“bold action sends a resounding message of support to LGBTQ youth across the world” in reference to the law. While Canada has a national ban, there are still 30 states in the US where the practice is still allowed including Florida and Alabama where conversion therapy continues affecting hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ Americans daily. While the current president supports a ban on conversion therapy we do not have enough of congress behind the ban for a law to be passed in the states. While the fight for the basic decent treatment of all people is still a huge work in progress, this is a small but important step towards achieving that someday.