Breathe Will Take Your Breath Away

By Julia Kemp

The brilliant, charming, beautiful actor has done it again–Andrew Garfield continues to showcase his acting genius in his 2017 film: Breathe. Starring alongside huge names like Claire Foy, Hugh Bonneville, Tom Hollander, and more, Garfield truly delivers an inspiring performance.

Breathe tells the story of Andrew Garfield’s character, Robin Cavendish, an individual left paralyzed from the neck down after he contracted polio in 1960. Robin’s wife Diana, played by Claire Foy, then becomes determined to help Robin live his life to the fullest, and devotes herself to ensuring that he stays safe and alive at home, rather than in a hospital bed. Through mistrials and successes, Claire and Robin are able to create a safe method for those with polio to live at home and to live relatively regular lives. With the help of friends and family, Robin became the longest living person with polio than anyone before him, and the first person with polio to live apart from the hospital. At the end of the film, Robin becomes a spokesperson for the severely disabled, and seeks to change the way doctors and healthy citizens view the severely disabled: as people, rather than secrets. 

Breathe remains truly inspirational, and Garfield does a masterful job of bringing the true story of Robin Cavendish to the screen. Garfield is able to fully immerse watchers into the mind and emotions of Cavendish, even with the added obstacle of being unable to use his body. From the sweet and innocent love story in the beginning of the movie to the heartbreaking conclusion, Garfield completely gave his heart and soul into the character. I highly recommend Breathe, and believe the film is one of Andrew Garfield’s greatest.