Scenic Drive (The Tape)

By Rachell Carbajal

2019 Summer sensation, Khalid, recently dropped his new 29-minute long project, named “Scenic Drive (The Tape).” Including nine tracks and featuring amazing artists like Alicia Keys, Lucky Daye, JID, etc, Khalid says this tape truly represents the person he has become over the course of his years as a musician. This tape has many tracks filled with R&B and soul, something that Khalid has been wanting to show more in his music; he explains that these two genres are the main inspirations and the foundation for his music. Khalid’s creative process included going to the studio late at night, coming up with ideas, recording them, and driving back to his place, which gave him the idea of this wonderful tape. When listening to the tape, every track and melody perfectly transitions smoothly into the next. Having upbeat to slow heart-wrenching melodies throughout, this tape is truly something to listen to while you’re outside in the city, looking at the bright street lights and being cozy in the car, it would be a great drive, a scenic drive.