Dawn FM

By Heder Ambriz

The Dawn really is here. The Weeknd has been teasing his new album drop for several months now, and finally, the fans have received it. The Weeknd’s new album drop, Dawn FM really surprised us, with collaborations from Tyler, The Creator and Lil Wayne. Dawn FM is the continuation of the timeline that Abel (The Weeknd) created, from the previous album, After Hours. The previous album was supposed to resemble the feeling during the after-hours, while “Dawn FM” introduces the theme of the afterlife, along with its positives. The most chart-hitting song currently is “Sacrifice,” and I can see why. The rhythm and all its glory really punches you…or your ears. The well-thought-out song, “Sacrifice” contains a drumbeat in the background, and some type of electric guitar creating the rhythm. Not only that, The Weeknd’s vocals in this song truly is a masterpiece, in the sense where he makes his voice feel round and full of support/sound. Another favorite of mine, “How Do I Make You Love Me” really fulfills my expectations with the song beginning with a soft tone, to later converting into a heavy electric piano rhythm, and The Weeknd’s echo type voice as he sings, the songs title name, “How do I make you love me.” Furthermore, I really enjoy how he has managed to create great transitions from one song to another. For example, the transition from “How Do I Make You Love Me” to “Take My Breath” is really breathtaking on how both songs interlink. Either way, I can say for myself that I was really excited for this album to be released, and thankfully I am not disappointed by the songs created.