Warrior Wardrobe: Jonathan Sherry

By Emma Kidger and Madeleine Stiffler 

Usually rocking one of his many North Face jackets with a pair of Vans, Senior Jonathan Sherry can always be seen striding the halls of Westmont in style. If for some reason you can’t find Jonathan working hard at school he is probably traveling for a hockey game, nevertheless skating in his fashion-forward fits. As a former Tilly’s employee, Jonathan knows a thing or two about the world of fashion. 

1. 3 words that describe your style:

Athletic, Casual, and Versatile.

2. Do you have any fashion icons?

My fashion icons include Henrik Lunquist, Ryan Gosling, and Drake. 

3. Favorite item in your closet:

My favorite item is a San Jose Sharks Stealth Jersey because it’s comfortable and goes with a lot of my clothes.

4. Where do you buy your clothes?

I like to buy from Mainland, Tilly’s, Fabletics, Vans, and The North Face.

5. Favorite fashion trend!

My favorite fashion trend is bomber jackets.

6. Least favorite fashion trend:

My least favorite fashion trend is mullets.

7. Any fashion tips for your fellow Warriors?

Don’t be shy to experiment with your outfits, and wear your clothes with confidence.