Where Have all the Teachers Gone?!

By Emma Kidger

While most businesses and offices were able to easily adjust to the virtual and online world at the beginning of the worldwide pandemic, schools were unfortunately not as lucky. While students got a two-week break, teachers and school administrators scrambled to figure out how to teach and adjust their curriculum to fit the new classroom. Since March of 2020, teachers and schools have been able to make do with the obstacles COVID-19 had thrown at education, yet the long-lasting impact has really created a new quitdemic.  

Teachers all over the U.S. have suddenly begun to reroute their careers and quit teaching entirely. From an extreme lack of resources to a decrease in pay, teachers are forced to sacrifice benefits with little backup support. Many teachers have been forced to quit because they can’t afford a basic standard of living off their minimal salary. 8.5% of Teachers in California also face the option of moving and working in another state that pays teachers more. According to National University in 2021, 80% of schools in California are facing teacher shortages. While over 6 million students have been enrolled in California schools, many have been forced to close down as they do not have the necessary staff to suffice for their student population. Schools also face the fact that many potential teachers do not meet the standard of credentials needed to work making it impossible to close the gap of job vacancies. Teacher enrollment in preparation classes has declined 70% due to “program terminations and cutbacks.”

The many unlivable factors teachers face have led to a massive quitdemic and have left many schools unclear on how to move forward.