Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

By Larena Tannert

Worried about your Valentine’s Day plans? Want to make Valentine’s Day perfect for your special someone? Take a deep breath and don’t stress because I am here to help! Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, filled with love, flowers, chocolate, and little heart-shaped candies. Spending quality time with your significant other is crucial to the spirit of Valentine’s Day, while also having a fun and romantic day. Here are 3 intimate yet enjoyable Valentine’s Day date ideas that both you and your better half can delight in:

  1. Picnic in the park-

A perfect way to enjoy a relaxed date is by setting up a picnic blanket, bringing some snacks, and laying out in the park. A picnic is a romantic gesture and a perfect time for you and your partner to spend quality time together. A picnic leaves opportunity for good conversations, laughter, and an enjoyable afternoon. Some good snacks to bring on the picnic are chips, chocolate (of course), goldfish, sandwiches, fruit, and any other kinds of snacks that your partner likes! A picnic is a simple way to spend Valentine’s day, yet it is also romantic and a good opportunity to spend time with the person you care about. 

  1. Dinner and a Movie-

Although this is a common way to spend Valentine’s day, there are ways to spice up this classic date and make it more memorable. Rather than going to the movie theaters, going to a drive-in movie is a different yet exciting way to end off Valentine’s Day. A cozy alternative to that is going to a nice dinner and then going back home, making popcorn, and cuddling up to watch a movie on the couch. A fancy dinner is a romantic way to show how much you care about your partner, and the movie after is to end the night on a fun and happy note. 

  1. A Night In

Spending the night at home doing fun activities such as face masks, baking cookies, watching funny movies, and doing arts and crafts can make for a perfect way to spend Valentine’s day. Many people prefer staying in rather than going out, so this date idea is perfect for them. Throw on matching pairs of pajamas, maybe make a quick Target run for snacks, baking materials and face masks, and then enjoy the night with each other. This date is not only laid back but the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together while also doing fun activities with each other.

Unique dates: Some additional date ideas that are less common but also could be more special for you and your partner depending on your interests are: going to a bookstore/library, thrifting, at home trivia night/game night, going on a hike, or bike ride, having a dance parting, going to a spa day, workout together, or do volunteer work.

All of these dates should include flowers (specifically roses), chocolates, and a teddy bear, along with the actual date itself. Even bringing them their favorite Starbucks or candy would be a sweet little addition to a special day. It is important to show your partner that you truly care about them, so, however you choose to do that is up to you.