2021 AMAs Review 

By Heder Ambriz

Cardi B's Best Hosting Moments at the 2021 American Music Awards |  Entertainment Tonight

As the opportunity arose, the multi-platinum hip-hop artist, Cardi-B got the chance to host the 2021 American Music Awards (AMA’s). The AMA’s opening was very unique with the explosions and the red carpet. Throughout this experience, many artists from various genres sang: Olivia Rodrigo, Coldplay & BTS, H.E.R…etc.  With Olivia Rodrigo’s performance, “traitor,” she entered the stage through a door one might say is magical with its bright white color. Symbolism? Perhaps…she did sing about her challenge in life, and she most likely has found a new beginning. She did also have white/pink flowers in vases and a big white butterfly in the background and butterflies signify rebirth. SOME GREAT SYMBOLISM. Along with the show, Coldplay and BTS performed together with their song, “My Universe,” and I will say it sounded BAD. HORRIBLE. I’M SORRY(not really…don’t hate me..just facts). I’ll be considerate and also add that it was most likely the microphones because they weren’t the best sounding. Excitedly, many artists won the trophies they deserved, although for some I was surprised. For example, I thought that “BANG!” by AJR was going to win, but instead another just as amazing artist won: The Kid LAROI.