Who is Le Père Noël?

Elizabeth Flatley and Emma Hunter

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Pére Nöel, also known as Father Christmas, shows himself in France as a legendary gift giver. The story of Pére Nöel originates from an area that is now Turkey about a kind Saint that was known for his generosity and his ability to perform miracles. Over time the legend has evolved that St Nicholas descends from the sky riding his donkey to deliver gifts. According to the legend, after children leave their carrot stuffed shoes and treats for Pére Nöel out by the fireplace, Pére Nöel delivers presents if the offering proves sufficient to all the good girls and boys. Most of the presents left in the shoes can fit in the small capacity of the shoes and do not spill out of them. French Santa is not the same as American Santa. In France, children open their gifts on Christmas Eve while American children receive their gifts on Christmas morning. Rather than children worrying about receiving coal as their gift. Children in France are scared of Le Pere Fouettard who follows Pere Noel to children’s houses.