Netflix Christmas Movie Epidemic

By Olivia Pocat

As you scroll through your Netflix feed in early November, searching for an enticing movie to watch, chances are you’ll come across a variety of Christmas movies. Just in 2021, Netflix has received the rights to fifteen new Christmas specials, adding to the overabundance of movies already present on theplatform. A handful of the movies present themselves as genuine christmas movies, but a majority of these so-called “christmas  movies” are rom-com love stories without any focus on the actual values of Christmas. Netflix- in reference to its Christmas movies, has turned into the Hallmark Channel. Some of these substanceless movies include Holiday Rush, El Camino Christmas, Holidate, the Princess Switch, Just Another Christmas, Let it Snow, the Holiday Calendar, and Operation Christmas Drop, all of which have a similar storyline of falling in love over Christmas. Even though for certain audiences this may create a magical feeling for the Christmas season, these movies as a whole detract from true Christmas spirit. They actively devalue actual Christmas movies through their subpar storylines and production, one could truly characterize the phenomena as a Netflix Christmas Movie Epidemic.