Amazing Anh- Dao

By Hailey Abdilla

If you’re an athlete at Westmont High School, you’ve probably received at least one photo of you in action, and odds are that photo was taken by Anh-Dao aka AD. AD’s photos bring life to the Westmont yearbook and Instagram page and allows for students to encapsulate some of their fondest memories and moments as Westmont athletes. With her warm smile and open arms as she stands on the sidelines, AD acts as a beacon of light and a positive influence on our Westmont campus. From rowdy football games to softball CCS championships, AD immerses herself in it all, snapping flicks of the players and the crowd. AD dedicates hundreds if not thousands of hours to her craft, attending a plethora of events from senior nights to rallies in order to provide the students with the indispensable gift of capturing high school memories. Junior Nadia Zaya explains “Anh-Dao has played a very special part in being an athlete at Westmont, she has truly captured amazing moments that as an athlete, I will cherish forever!” Whether you’re a Westmont athlete or a Westmont events attendee, AD selflessly does it all. With her trustee camera by her side and a heart of gold, AD manages to brighten up any student’s day, and also has left the Westmont student body with some pretty incredible pictures. Next time you see AD, don’t forget to give her a huge thank you for all she does! We love you Anh-Dao!