Senioritis is Back, Baby!

By Emma Kidger  

Well seniors, it’s that time of year again. We’ve made it through our last full week of finals. We’ve made it through most of our big college applications. We’ve even made it through lectures upon lectures on what we should do to prepare for our life after high school. But this semester there’s a bigger, more daunting, challenge to face: senioritis. While we make our way through our last semester of high school, fighting the urge to say “whatever I’ll just work on it tomorrow” or “not completing this 30 point assignment won’t impact my grade at ALL” will be harder than ever. During our few final months at Westmont, we will reminisce over the memories we’ve made and how our lives will never be the same until the notification of reality hits us. A giant BING of our grades dropping and an endless list of missing assignments will continue to remind us that we are STILL in school. I know, seniors, we don’t ever mean to fall into the blackhole of senioritis but what can we say… we just can’t help ourselves. To the class of 2022, I send the best of wishes and a gigantic load of good luck. Please prove my prediction wrong.