Ugly Sweaters are Beautiful

By Cat Kemp and Julia Kemp

Holiday season is a time to sit in your bay window with a cozy cup of cider warm in hand and Christmas candles ablaze in nostalgic scent. You might spend the holiday break making gingerbread houses or opening gifts under the light of a Christmas tree, but many people often forget about the joy and spirit that comes from dressing for the holiday occasion. While there are many forms of clothing (like Santa hats or fuzzy socks) that can help you celebrate the holidays through fashion, nothing tops the Christmas feeling quite like an ugly sweater. Scratchy, iconic, and fashionable, ugly sweaters are a staple of Christmas time. Personally, we own numerous ugly sweaters, all fashionably chic. We love ugly sweaters because there is no wrong direction to go. You could wear an ugly sweater with bells, maybe some satin, or even strings of lights. In our humble opinion, there is no such thing as an ugly sweater; every sweater is beautiful. So this holiday season, don’t forget about the immense selection of fashion choices you can make. Christmas isn’t just the time to give and receive presents, but also to give and receive beautiful holiday looks.