Winter Crossword

By Eric Vallen

1. Skateboarding but with snow
2. Something negative 57 percent of the population gets to kiss someone under
3. Santa is too fat to climb down this
4. What literally has never fallen in Saratoga?
5. Savings
6. Which sport is actually in season during winter?
7. You're probably going to have a
8. Bombing it down on a
9. Hot
10. Pumpkin Spice
11. Cold
12. Pizza vs French Fries
13. Frozen water
14. Winter vacation spot?
15. Songs of Christmas
16. Secret
17. Santa's
18. What pulls a sleigh?
19. Gag
20. Happy Birthday to
21. What starts the day after Thanksgiving?
22. The sun starts going down too
23. Mariah
24. This always happens on the 21st of December
25. Frosty the