MLB Update 

By Madeleine Stiffler

As of November 2, 2021 game six of the World Series was underway. Two dominant teams, the Atlanta Braves, and Houston Astros met for the first time in a championship series since the expansion of the MLB. Going back and forth between Atlanta and Houston, the Braves have nearly been one game up on the Astros for the whole seven-game series. However, Houston refused to be counted out and has been giving the Braves a run for their money. 

Unfortunately, despite the Astros perseverance, the Braves secured their World Series victory with a 7-0 win. Catching a line drive, Dansby Swanson threw the final out to first baseman Freddie Freeman which was followed by the team rushing the field, embracing, and emotionally celebrating their win. Basking in victory, Freeman stated while smiling ear to ear “This is everything you work for…” Following the thrilled comments of Freeman, “I am an Atlanta lifer!” jubilantly shouted Swanson. Although this could possibly be the last season for Freeman in Atlanta as his contract is near expiration, Swanson’s youth and talent will reign on and possibly contribute to further wins for the Braves. 

Undoubtedly, the Braves owe much of their glory to outfielder and World Series MVP Jorje Soler who gave the team an extremely significant lead early on. As an honorable mention, pitcher Max Fried, although struggling in the first few innings, also came through for the franchise and secured several defining outs. 

Gathered in their championship t-shirts and hats, the Braves lifted their golden trophy and celebrated their win for the first time in twenty-six years. Brian Snitker, head coach for the Atlanta Braves, led the team to a division and championship title despite losing players and leadership. Never losing faith in their team, Snitker praised the crowd of loyal Braves fans gathered at Minute Maid Park who created a roaring environment for the team to celebrate in. Now, it is time for the offseason where talk of trades, contracts, cuts, draftees, free agents, etc. will all be deliberated while approaching spring training in 2022.