Marching Toward the Finish Line

By Sophia Christensen

Comparable to working a full-time job, the Marching Band  excels in the art of music by dedicating their weekends to 9a.m-5p.m. practice and their weeknights to 5p.m.-9p.m. practice. Marching Band connoisseur, Senior Ian Grosch attests to this notion stating, “Marching band is definitely a different experience due to it being super militaristic and strict. But, the pride a lot of the members get from being efficient and quick at learning really brings out the real joy in the harshness of the sport.” The Marching Band upholds their resilience and outstanding reputation through competitions and football games. At the Feste Del Mar competition, the Marching Band took home the well-deserved silver medal, and at the following competition located at Independence, they were awarded the bronze medal. 

Gracing the Warzone crowd at football games, the Marching Band plays catchy tunes to rile up the crowd. After every touchdown, they play their infamous song, “Ohhhhh Oh Oh Oh Ohhhh Ohhh,” and the crowd roars along in attempted synchrony. After the strenuous football game, the marching band doesn’t stop there. The drum line takes the stage and exudes marvelous performances. The famous duo, Seniors Marcelo Brooks and Ian Grosch, make the crowd go absolutely ballistic with their infamous variety of musical talents and tricks after every football game. For the Homecoming game, Royal Ian Grosch surprised his fans with an unforgettable performance– playing upside down! While two people carried his drum and one person held his legs, Ian dangled upside down and continued to kill it on the drums. The musical talents of the Marching Band continue to entertain their huge crowd of fans every Friday night, and pursue their own musical goals.