I Don’t Like Meghan Markle

By Alex Gryciuk 

I don’t like Meghan Markle because she has ruined family traditions. One of the long standing reasons why the British Commonwealth still exists even after years in the modern ages is to stand as a symbol to the English people. Furthermore, strong traditions are upheld in order to be an example to the British people and make Britain appear traditional and strong to the rest of the world. Strong traditions include strict dress codes and interactions with the public. 

Meghan Markle has broken so many protocols and traditions; damaging the public’s view of the monarchy. She breaks more than a few modesty traditions. She’s broken traditions regarding the public. Before leaving to America, she took pictures with citizens and gave out autographs, much like a celebrity, when the monarchy is supposed to stand as a powerful political leader. She also broke protocol when Prince Archie was born. As a part of the commonwealth, Meghan Markle had an obligation to the people: entertain them with news of a new baby. Arguably one of the only reasons for monarchy, Meghan Markle failed those people and did not serve them. However, breaking hundreds of years of tradition, Meghan Markle hid her baby away from the world until he was a few days old. Finally, Meghan Markle constantly changes the dress code. Sometimes seen in all black, Meghan openly does not follow the tradition that states the commonwealth should only wear black at a time of death or when the queen travels abroad. Yes, traditions should be modernized and modified for the modern person. But, Meghan Markle has chipped away slowly at long standing traditions by changing small things like dress codes or mannerisms. In addition, she has broken traditions for the people. She is destroying the symbolism that the monarchy has for the people. Without the symbolism that boosts British morale and rewards from the monarchy going toward the people from traditions, the whole system collapses. Even though Meghan Markle has moved to the United States, her actions consequently reduced support of the monarchy and started a war on tradition. Therefore, I don’t like Meghan Markle.