Cheers for Sammy!

By Cat Kemp & Emma Kidger

While balancing both dance and cheer, senior Sammy Binns goes above and beyond to display her dedicated spirit for Westmont. Starting dance at the young age of four, Sammy competed in a variety of styles, from hip hop to ballet. As a freshman, she used her talent and passion for dancing on the cheer competition and stunt teams. During her final year of high school, Sammy has not hesitated to embrace her love of dance and join the new dance team. Football player and boyfriend CJ Yazalina exclaims, “She’s a beast!” while recognizing the immense amount of  time and effort Sammy tirelessly puts in at dance and cheer practices. Although balancing two fall sports is not easy, her teammate Ashlyn Yee still sees Sammy as a “hard working and dedicated athlete.” Besides her efforts in cheer and dance, Sammy uses her spectacular leadership skills as a senior member of ASB. Sammy adds how it “would be cool” to continue to dance and cheer throughout her future, and possibly in college. Sammy celebrates the outlet sports give her: “to express [her]self, [her] passion.” She hopes that she inspires her teammates and other athletes to “never give up on something [they] love.” We can’t wait to see Sammy in more dance numbers and on the sidelines of games! Go Sammy!